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Creative LED screen Solution

    YEESO not only offer LED advertising vehicles, we also produce creative shape LED screen. No matter what kind of requirement you are looking for, we can always help you realize your goal and build the best mechanism. 

    You are welcome to call us for specail design LED screens.

1, LED Sphere

360 degree All-round Display

Customized LED module design

rotating mechanic structure

2, LED mechanic cube

360 degree All round display

Rotating system

Smart control

3, Tree shape LED screen

Unique visual sense

Perfect combination of Sound, Shape, Visual 

4, Iphone shape LED screen

Classic product

mobile and flexible

customized design

5, Triangle LED pillar

Automatic rotation

Water proof, vibration proof, damage proof

smart control LED system

6, Soft LED screen

Super soft and super thin LED screen

No limitation in shape

Can cover different items

smart control LED system

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