YEESO --- The top brand of Outdoor LED Display Media exporter in China


Market need

   With the growth of social and market demand, LED mobile advertising industry has a very promising future. Production and application of LED vehicles in recent years has shown rapid growth. At the same time, with the development of the Internet, the mobile media outdoor advertising will rocket up in the next five years. Its advertising volume is estimated to increase year by year.
     According to the proportion of different advertising methods. LED mobile advertising vehicles is occupying more and more proportion. It will become a trend in next few years. Whether large or small advertising media companies, they hold positive attitude and carried out a fruitful exploration and innovation in the mobile advertising area. A large number of large number of advertising companies open up outdoor media and try to develop this new market.

Product creativity

   YEESO LED mobile advertising vehicle is the combination of truck chassis and LED display, high-definition outdoor light box, stage sound system, outdoor exhibition boards and other organic combinations.  As a new type of communication medium and mobile advertising method, it advetise through a variety of dynamic content and multimedia interactive means. It has the following creative features:
1 - easy to move, you can change locations, replace the information, no need to install the demolition process.
2 - It has static and dynamic picture combinations, it can realize the multi-form, multi-directional, multi-type information release.
3 - It has expandable customized multimedia devices such as infrared sensing equipment, interaction software; can equip with TV receiver card, can receive wired or wireless TV signal; or camera to support live broadcast.
4 - wide visual range, strong audio system, clear communication effect.
5 - YEESO's professional product design will enable the customer's marketing program become more creative and more economical.