YEESO --- The top brand of Outdoor LED Display Media exporter in China


YEESO enter into global market

YEESO has been focusing on the international market since the beginning of its establishment. The company has established a global business strategy based on its strong technical strength, advanced production management system, complete operation plan and international business team, production and sales base, radiation global marketing network. Our LED vehicles have been exported to countries such as: Turkey, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, France, Germany, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South America, Brazil, Uruguay, North America, United States, Mexico; India, the Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, Cyprus; Southeast Asia, such as: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam; Australia, Australia, New Zealand; Africa, such as: Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Uganda, Albania, Morocco, Cameroon, South Africa and Egypt.
At present, YEESO has the industry's most extensive range of radiation, the most complete product line, the most comprehensive strength of the outdoor mobile advertising media integrated operation capacity.
In order to meet the rapid development of the company and the international market for LED mobile advertising vehicles' growing demand, the company is looking for world wide agent to help us explore the market to enhance competitiveness. YEESO will be the number one in outdoor mobile advertising market.