YEESO --- The top brand of Outdoor LED Display Media exporter in China


YEESO LED Truck support the 2013 Asia digital events

2013 Asia Digital Media Forum (2013 Digital Asia Conference) in July 25, 2013 in Manila, Philippines,come to a perfect finish. Supplier From Singapore, Taiwan, Britain, Italy, Korea, the Philippines and other places of the digital media elite show the latest digital media products. More than 500 media companies and local top 100 enterprises attend this event. The exhibition is subject to the Philippine Advertising Association, the Philippine government attaches great importance to YEESO's product. Also proved that Shanghai YEESO has a pivotal position in the Southeast Asian market.

Shanghai YEESO will, as always, adhere to the "LED creative in the end," We will design and develop more innovative mobile LED products. Our creation has enable the LED display itself become an art, reflecting its true value!
Adobo Magazine, the largest magazine in the Philippines, covered the conference as follow: