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Factors you need to consider when you compare the overall performance and design of the mobile advertising vehicles

Factors you need to consider when you compare the overall performance and design of the mobile advertising vehicles:

  1. When designing the LED advertising truck, first you should consider the vibration proof, heat dissipation, water proof, fire proof features of devices on truck.Then, you should consider the noise of generator and power of chassis. Many people fair to consider the feeling of the people in the truck. They use load music and does not install air conditioner in the truck.To save cost, they use small generator, they run the truck in long distance. These will cause the vehicle to have shorter life span.

  2. When do modifications on the truck. You have to use rolled steels that can fit the national standard. If you use poor quality steel, it will cause the break between the welding portion, which will result in potential safety hazard. It will endanger the user.

  3. The supporting devices should be vibration proof, you should choose industrial-grade facilities. You need to apply aseismatic design when you install them. When you build the power supply system, you should choose soft coupling, there must have a ground lead. It can not only reduce  electrostatic interference but also adding its safty.

  4. The inner decoration material of the LED vehicle should be fire proof. You must put fire extinguisher inside.

  5. The heat dissapation is most important. Usually YEESO will install air conditioner in the LED truck. We will use exhaust fan in the generaotor. The air intake and outlet should be downwarded. The truck box should have ventilation system to realize air changing. So that the hot air will go outside of the truck.

  6. The truck should have additional power supply and additional weight load capacity. For example, if the required power supply is 10KW, you should use 13KW output. If the weight capacity should be 1.5 tons. You should choose the chassis which can support 2 tons. By doing this, it will enable the LED truck and its devices to have longer life span.

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