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The reason why there is price difference in LED truck

  Many customers asked us a question, that is why YEESO LED advertising vehicle's proce is higher than other manufacturers and even trading company. About this issue, we hope to provide some professional comparative reference about the different configurations to the customer. We hope our customers will understand that YEESO's price is high because our customers get corresponding value of high-quality products, not because YEESO have higher profits.

    In recent years, the domestic advertising truck industry is developing rapidly. There are many excellent quality, good design LED truck producers. But there are many  low-priced , poor quality products continue to disrupt the market as well. As a leader in LED advertising vehicles manufacturing industry, YEESO focus on market segments change. Most Customer's demand is good quality, fine craft, advanced design, functional diverse, but also cost-effective products. On the other hand, customers only check the technical parameter table to measure the actual value of the product. On the other hand, many small advertising companies and young people want to start from low budget because of the tight fund. In fact, some producers use cheaper material to control their cost within budget. As a result, it will cause you a lot of losses in future. For example the operating costs, stability of the future use, and so on. YEESO invites all customers to visit our company's manufacturing center, the main object is to let our clients compare the actual product's quality, so that our users understand what kind of product is really cost-effective products in the true sense.

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