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Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5

Product number::YES-V5

  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
    Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
    Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
    Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
    Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5
  • Mini LED Display Truck YES-V5

◎ It use Changan Chassis, its price is very competitive

◎ 3 Sqm LED screen mounted on big truck

◎ Unique Patented Design, with beautiful shape

◎ It is very light and flexible, can be widely applied on street.

    Model:Changan  displacement/power:1.5L/39KW 

  YES-V6 LED truck use Changan as the carrier. It can also meet the national II emission standards. The cabin will streamlined mask, honeycomb shape front grille, modular crystal shaped headlamps. The driving room has pacious and comfortable driving space, and humanized interior design, as well as high security level. The truck has the features of drag coefficient, low noise and high speed, comfort driving. The truck body applies flow lines and prominent front design curves to enhance the three-dimensional visual perception. The cab use four-point cab suspension and air bag to increase shock absorption. It is very safe and stable to drive on road.

    YES-V5 LED truck is equipped with outdoor full color LED screen. Its size is around 3 sqm..

    YESSO have a LED screen production line specially arranged for LED vehicles. We choose high brightness LED chip and fine raw material to build the LED screen. We apply high refresh rate technology to keep the LED screen have a smooth picture. YEESO have years of accumulated experience and advanced technology to improve our cabinet design, connector design, waterproof and shockproof design. We can make sure that the quality of our LED display to be the best.

   Electric SystemYEESO designed a vehicle-specific 5KW pole ultra-quiet generators. It has the features of low noise, low fuel consumption, light weight, easy to start and reliable to run.It has many advantages in its wink intake and output capacity, automotive shock-proof design, noise reduction and heat dissipation. For other major electrical components, we use Omron or Schneider brand. The whole vehicle has passed through the EU certification, it is completely compliant with EU safety standards.

  Multimedia devicesYEESO control panel cabinet has combined the vehicle-specific industrial computers, embedded car LCD monitors, high-power amplifier, speakers and so on. All the power, screen lifting system, hydraulic stage flexing system can be controlled by center control. It is very easy to use.

Tech Parameter of YES-V5 LED Stage Truck
Chassis dimension
Chassis brand Changan Emission level National II standard
External dimension
Total Weight
curb weight
Generator power 1.5L/39KW passenger number 2 people
Mounted LED screen(left side)
LED screen size 2080mm*1600mm pixel 6mm
LED Chip R、G、B: Epistar
LED module dimension 320mm(W)×160mm(H)
Brightness ≥6500cd
summit power 1000W/㎡
Average power comsuption 500W/㎡ life span 100000H
Scrolling Light Box
light box dimension 2080mm*1600mm roller diameter 100mm
motor power ≥80W control system smart control
light source LED lamp loading prints 3~5 papers
Rear side light box
rear side dimension 1250mm×1150mm Light box type LED light bar
Super quiet generator
Brand YEESO External dimension 900mm×550mm×700mm
Power 3KW Power Super quiet 
gasoline type diesal cylinder number three cylinders, water cooling
External power source
voltage output 220V
Multimedia control system
Power amplifier 200W Speakers 200W
Control system LINSN/YEESO point by point correcting system

External frame sturcture and interior decoration
surface glue white interiar decoration fire proof board
axle box metal plate welding water proof processing whole truck glue pouring
fitting options

1.LED screen resolution(P10、P8、P6)

2.surface color painting(according to client's request)

3.Double sides LED screen or Triple sides LED screen. processor, air-conditioner

5,asynchronous control system


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